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You can do something against chemtrails...

What to do against chemtrails/ aerosols:


From a documentary in which Gwen Scott, N.D, advises us what to do against the substances found in chemtrails, in the air we breathe and in the water we drink. To mitigate this cumulative poisoning of all people we can use natural ingredients.


A chemtrail conxists of:




Titanium and magnesium combined


There is a fungus in the air released by chemtrails. The fungus eats the nutrients that are used to rebuild our immume system

- use garlick, kills fungus on contact

- Chinese mushroom (rayshi shitaki mitaki) in extract form

- Caprilic acid (?) found in every health store

- Colloidal silver

- Tea tree oil used for inhaling in case of lung problems



Crosses the blood brain barrier, Causes Alzheimer, short term memory loss

- Flax seed oil

- Evening primrose oil

- Krill oil (fish oil)



Carcinogenic, knocks potassium out of the body

- supplement potassium


Titanium and magnesium combined together cause blood clots. Do not use these if you use pharmaceutical blood thinners.

- Ginger root capsules for blood thinning

- The herb ginko beloba


To mitigate the amount you are taking in:

Do not eat margarine

Do not drink tap water

To mitigate these things wear a mask outdoors

Use pure dietomatious (?) clay in the health store (called Bentonite in the us.) that has the property to bind heavy metals and remove it of the body.

Flax oil, tee tree oil, Omega 3-6-9 oils

Potassium supplementation

Against sinus infections use colloidal silver nasal spray

Eat organic food

Do not use microwave oven for heating food, because microwaves remove digestive enzymes and many of the nutrients

Use good vitamins and minerals supplementations


Websites about chemtrails:

Video documentary about chemtrails and what to do against them:

Download link on of ‘Aerosol crimes aka chemtrails’: (First login into with the test account: use their test account by logging in as
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