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HAARP - High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program
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What is HAARP?

This is a picture of a HAARP antenna array
The HAARP antenna array is an ionospheric heater

HAARP - High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

The information below about HAARP is quoted from an article by Jerry E. Smith.

"What is HAARP? HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The name and its location is about all we know for sure. HAARP is probably a Star Wars weapons system coming on line. Star Wars, Ronald Reagan's SDI, was defunded by Congress, who told the military to discontinue this line of research. Congressional wishes didn't stop Ollie North and, it seems, didn't stop SDI either. What's more, HAARP is a weapon that you and I stand in the cross-hairs of. HAARP will effect you-and me. You can say I am writing from "enlightened self-interest." I don't want to be a down-winder of this thing-which we will all be. I need your help to bring HAARP under control."- Jerry E. Smith

Eastlund discovered HAARP. (See his patent US Patent Numbers 4,686,605, 5,038,662 and 4,712,155) Of importance in this quest is the ability of HAARP to perform behavior modification. Farrell says that the Giza Complex was a machine, a weapon consisting of a maser that could be used for the same purpose, as HAARP is capable of. HAARP can practically be used for:

Disruption of land airborne, sea and surface and sub-surface communications, missile or aircraft destruction, or confusion, weather modification, and since HAARP broadcasts within the frequency of the human brain, behavior modification. (Farrell, 2001, p.150, emphasis added.)

HAARP can heat up the ionosphere of the earth. It then builds up a massive charge above  the chosen region, until a threshold of instability is reached. This causes 'an electrical potential differential between the region of particles above the earth, and the earth's surface itself.' This technology is 'substantially unified. That is, one installation can be used for a variety of communications, defensive, or offensive military purposes. The hardware of the installation does not change. Rather, its harmonics are adjusted to accomplish whatever purpose is desired at the moment.' (Farrell, 2001, p.150) Selecting the region is simple: one merely configures the antennae to be sufficiently out of phase to guide the interference signal to the point above the planet's surface one wishes to "heat". Converging there, the signals supercharche the ionosphere, causing the charche differential, which would eventually be discharged to the surface in several massive bolts of electricity per second, each bolt far exceeding anything in the largest natural thunderstorm. (Farrell,2001, p. 158)  



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