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Magnetic Polar Shift
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Magnetic Polar Shift
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Earth's magnetic field about to shift poles

Polar shift of Earth's magnetic field
A well kept secret
In an article in Frontier Magazine of April 2003, from the article that first appeared in the September 2002 issue of UFO Magazine, a secret that was kept for years by a few was revealed. The secret deals  with the changes in the magnetic field of the earth. Scientists have discovered that the earth's magnetic field is about to shift. People are informed about this on a need to know basis.  Without the general public's awareness steps are being taken to anticipate this event. 
Magnetic pole shift 
A magnetic pole shift is going on today. It is a slow, but irreversible process. In a letter written by the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) of april 11, 2003 in "Nature" magazine, is written that the earth's magnetic field is about to rotate. The magnetic north will be eventually in the Antarctic. Researchers think that circulating streams of molten iron, moving with a speed of about one meter per hour, in the outer layer of the earth's core, are the cause of the shifting of the magnetic poles. De whirling streams of molten iron around the earth's core turn in a direction that decreases the magnetic field. The team of the AAAS describes in this letter that there are huge whirlings of molten iron around the earth's outer core in the south of Africa and near the poles, where the magnetic field has already shifted.

What will probably happen? 
The importance of the magnetic field of the earth is that it protects the earth and all living beings on it from the charged particles coming from the sun. The highly charged solar particles will reach the outer atmospheric layer of the earth. Some of these particles will reach the lower atmospheric regions. Cosmic radiation and charged particles will cause drought, genetic mutation and cancer if the earth's protecting magnetic field fades. The earth's magnetic field extends hundreds of kilometers into space. The lines of magnetic force of this magnetic field converge at the magnetic poles. The cosmic and solar radiation is focussed on the magnetic poles by these lines of force. It is expected that the earths magnetic field will weaken and eventually will collapse during the pole shift. Maybe the field will disappear for ten or more years. Then the magnetic poles shift and the strenght of the magnetic field will again increase. The weather will be severely influenced because of the weakening magnetic field. Graham Ennis, mentioned as a source of this information in the UFO Magazine article, stated that the process already has begun. It is irreversible. What people can expect is that there will be heavy storms and an increase in skin cancer. He said, the world as we now know it will likely come to an end in 2020. Only time can tell...