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Mysteries of the pyramids

The everlasting mystery of the pyramids

Pyramids.There are many explanations about meaning and the function of the pyramids in ancient societies. The most known theory is the pyramid as a tomb theory for the pharaoh. Other options should also be looked at.


Pyramid as tomb

According to the Egyptologists of the scientific community, the Great Pyramid was a tomb, a grave for the pharaoh, the king of Egypt. There are views that differ from this one.


Pyramids aligned to the cosmos

The fact that pyramids are aligned to the stars and to the solstices is a meaningful sign that energies of an earthbound and of a cosmological character play an important role in the mystery of the pyramids and other ancient buildings. The pyramids could have been used for a sort of acupuncture. These buildings were built with a purpose. Perhaps to use the energies for "magical" use, like weather control. Today we can change the ionosphere around the earth with our modern transmitting devices, by applying ultra low frequency waves (ULF) and ultra high frequency (UHF) waves as is allegdly done in the HAARP-project.  (High Frequency Auroral Research Project) These changes do have an effect the weather.


Pyramids as precession instrument:

Robert Temple, in his book "The Crystal Sun" tells about his research on the optical science of the ancients. All Egyptian art is based on golden triangles. He says that aroubd 3300 BC optical technology existed. The great pyramid was a precesion instrument. The shadow of the golden triangle angles outside the pyramid shows the slope of the interior construction of the pyramid.

Was the precision of pyramids only possible through optical lenses? The third dynasty of Egypt gives us the earliest evidence.

Pyramid as power plant

Giza Pyramid as power plant: Christopher Dunn wrote that the pyramid was a power plant, which provided energy for the society.

(See further the book of 'Giza, the truth' this must be worked out later).


Pyramid as prophesy

According to Christian oriented writers, According to theosophy and some Egyptologists, the pyramid was a prophesy in stone. The alignment of the megalithic stones to the positions of the stars and measures and weight, have a symbolical meaning. The ancient Egyptians laid out a timetable for the ages to come. So did the Mayas and Aztecs put symbolic meaning in their buildings.

Pyramids as psychotronic devices?

The pyramids could have been a kind of psychotronic device. They could have been used as mass mind control psychotronic device. An example of presumable psychotronics by the ancients is an ancient chalice or bowl of granite accurately hollowed out of crystalline stone. Another example is the use of sonics that could have been involved (see Christopher Dunn (1998), Andrew Collins (1998), (Herbie Brennan (2000) at the notes section). The pyramids could have been used in accordance with the energy of ley-lines. The precise alignment of ancient buildings to the sun and the moon, to the axis of the earth and to the poles, could be a kind of Geomancy derived from western esoteric tradition and Feng Sui.Feng Sui, derived from the eastern tradition, is defined here as an alignment of objects to create a balancing or energetic effect.