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Ancient astronauts
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Ancient astronauts
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Paleo-SETI and the ancient astronauts



This article deals with the 'ancient astronauts' theory. Were the 'gods' of the ancients' astronauts or even aliens from outer space? The ancient astronaut theory of Erich Von Däniken and his followers has created a new school of thought about ancient societies. (See the books by Erich Von Däniken 'Chariots of the Gods', and Zecharia Sitchin 'The 12th.Planet' and Robert Temple 'Sirius Mystery')


Reptilian race as space gods?


David Icke sees a connection between the Anunakki and the 'gods from space' in the ancient astronaut hypothesis. The Anunakki, meaning "those who from heaven to earth came", are according to Icke an alien serpent race. Zecharia Sitchin does not want to believe or even consider the possibility of alien reptoids as ancient space gods. Icke has researched the socalled reptilian bloodlines. David Icke goes much further as he shows in his books and on his websites.  

Ancient hieroglyps at the Dendera Temple at Abydos
Are these ancient hieroglyphs depictions of ancient flying craft?


Ancient hieroglyphs


Rare ancient hieroglyphic carvings in Abydos, found in a ceiling support-beam inside the Seti temple, show Egyptian hieroglyphs with pictures resembling of flying machines and boats. "A blimp-like shape with a prominent tail fin floats above a structure that looks suspiciously like a gondola." See fore more the book by Herby Brennan "The secret history of ancient Egypt".

Gilgamesh Epic


Zecharia Sitchin wrote in his numerous "earth-chronicles" books about the ancient clay-tablets that have been found. In the ancient Sumerian story the "The Gilgamesh Epic" there is an account of a Sumerian king who sees the earth fading away from him, becoming like a dot in space...Here could be a possible account of a space-trip in ancient history...


'...the Eagle took off...rising fast. As though reported by a modern astronaut watching Earth recede as his rocket ship rises, the ancient storyteller describes how Earth appeared smaller and smaller to Etana..." "When he had borne him aloft one beru (=weight-measure), the Eagle says to him, to Etana: "See my friend, how the land appears! Peer at the sea at the sides of the Mountain House: The land was indeed become a mere hill, the wide sea is just like a tub." "Higher and higher the eagle rose...When he had borne him aloft a second beru (measure of height), the Eagle said:" My friend, cast a glance at how the land appears! The land has turned into a furrow...The wide sea is just like a breadbasket. "When he had borne him aloft a third beru, the Eagle says to him, to Etana: "See, my friend, how the land appears! The land has turned into a gardener's ditch!" And then, as they continued to ascend, the Earth was suddenly out of sight. "As I glanced around, the land had disappeared, and upon the wide sea mine eyes could not feast.'