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Leylines and the matrix

Crossings of ley lines create vortexes that can raise or decrease the MATRIX "in which we are imprisoned", like David Icke says.

Quote on from p. 377 of The Matrix:
"We are trapped in a frequency range and therefore trapped in an illusion.

In p59: Icke speaks about the"...ancient peoples of the global ernergy grid and especially the mayor vortex points where many of the global energy lines cross. This energy was often symbolised as a serpent. The more esoteric researchers who acknowledge the vast symbolism and references to serpent bloodlines, serpent knowledge, and serpent
people , say that these were merely codes relating to this Earth energy grid known as dragon lines or ley lines.' (That explains why so many British place names end in "ley")."

"...those ley lines connect to form a web or grid of magnetic energy, the universal life force, which flows along these lines that surround and
interpenetrate the planet."
"The ancients, including Atlanteans, Lemurians, and the peoples of the Sumer
Empire, used standing stones like acupuncture needles for the Earth. They
declared these major vortex centres to be sacred and these are the locations of
the standing stone circles, pyramids and ancient earthworks all over the world."

Icke also mentions the relationship between sacred pagan places of churches. I thought reading this that churches were built on sacred ground to prevent people from freely using these interdimensional doorways (Icke) . Because the church determines if you have access to the altar (the vortex) or not! I feel that these churches are shutting off the benevolent energies for everyone. Or maybe containing or storing these energy in the buildings. The granite for example built in the giza pyramids, has cristalline properties that, as we know, have the capability to store "subtle" energies or to transform them.